Watercrest Senior Living Group Offers Innovation in Memory Care at Market Street Memory Care Residences

VERO BEACH, Fla., April 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Upon entering the elegant, yet charmingly comfortable community of Market Street Memory Care Residence, the extraordinary central gathering space of Market Plaza is a sight to behold.  A natural and realistic “outdoor” streetscape welcomes you with trees, flowers, and park benches encircled by detailed, active storefronts: a Bakery, Salon and Spa, Newsstand and Post Office, each caringly designed to stimulate the senses and encourage meaningful interaction for residents and guests.

Designed, owned and operated by Watercrest Senior Living Group, Market Street Memory Care Residences connect the hearts and minds of residents by stimulating their senses with the purpose of re-experiencing memories.  Market Street Memory Care Residences are innovative, artfully designed communities envisioned by Market Street co-owner, Marc Vorkapich to serve seniors living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“The smell of freshly cut grass instantly transports me back to the ball field where I spent time with my Dad,” says Marc Vorkapich, Principal and CEO of Watercrest Senior Living Group. “Research shows that utilizing specific sights, sounds, and smells connects us to our memories and experiences.  This critical element of our training and multi-sensory programming at Market Street Memory Care Residences is designed to incorporate the individual needs of each and every resident we serve.”

All Market Street memory care associates receive world-class training as Nationally Certified Dementia Care Practitioners and their cutting-edge memory care programming includes Personal Life Silhouettes, Music & Memory, Memories in the Making, For the Love of Color, multi-sensory culinary and gardening experiences, as well as personal well-being activities.

Attention to detail goes far beyond the splendor of Market Plaza, with unique displays of vintage clothing, antiques and memorabilia specific to the individual residents in each community. From the preserved uniforms of a 1921 University of Wisconsin nursing graduate and World War II Air Force and Navy soldiers, to the 1950’s vacuum cleaner and signed sports collectibles, each item brings a sense of joy and wonder, transporting you to the era of past generations.

“Our guests and family members are speechless as they encounter each display, all of a sudden we’ve connected in a way that’s very unique and ignited memories to spark conversations with their loved ones,” says Mariola Rodriguez, Memory Care Director for Market Street Memory Care Residences.

Each Market Street community features an inviting and purposeful design, including spacious accommodations, abundant natural lighting, internal courtyards with lush gardens, circular walkways, visual cueing and multiple social gathering places.

Market Street Memory Care Residences are currently serving seniors and families in Viera and Tampa, while an additional Market Street community will open in Palm Coast this summer. For community information, visit www.marketstreetresidence.com.

Watercrest Senior Living Group specializes in the development and operations management of assisted living and memory care communities, and the growth of servant leaders.  For information, visit www.watercrestslg.com.

SOURCE Watercrest Senior Living Group

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