A Safe Place for Those With Dementia

Dementia is difficult to deal with for both the person with the condition, as well as those closest to them. Finding the space to assist a loved with dementia while also being informed about the condition is important. Some of us want to help our loved ones with dementia as much as possible but may feel as if we don’t have the proper resources to do so. At Market Street Residence in Melbourne, FL, we specialize in providing quality Alzheimer’s care that ensures an exceptional quality of life for those dealing with dementia.

When You Need Extra Help With a Loved One

There comes a time when you may realize while you want to be the sole provider for your loved one dealing with dementia, sometimes this may not be possible. Caring for someone with dementia does require much patience and can be quite time consuming. Many people have to change their entire lives to ensure their loved ones with dementia are properly cared for. In cases where it is difficult to provide this care on a consistent basis, the use of a dementia nursing care in Melbourne, FL, is recommended.

Seeing You Through the Process

There is help for your loved ones dealing with dementia. Our facility has a dedicated team in Melbourne, FL, that will work closely with you to ensure your loved one dealing with dementia is provided the best treatment and care. We are here to offer support for both you and your loved one with dementia.